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About Us

We Provide the Best Property For You

We aim to digitalise and democratise access to the Real Estate market and investments for private investors and buyers.

we bring our expertise in the Real Estate to the next level, differentiating:

  • ✔ High Quality deals to our investors and clients
  • ✔ Expertise in construction and finance to bring above the average returns and excellent deal making and execution to our loyal investors.
  • ✔ Free imagination in order to create unique spaces translating into quality assets growing their value throughout time.

Our Services


Deal Hunt

Dream Hunt

Plan B(nB)


Generally known as Fix&Flip, our superior market knowledge and deal origination skills allow us to achieve best execution in each deal

We will buy low by leveraging market opportunities, undervalued properties or taking advantage of forecosures and auctions

Once identified a property we will rapidly develop a project, financial projections and deal plan to be presented to our community of investors.

Once Agreed we will fundraise and create an SPV to invest in the specific project so each investor will be involved in a specific project.

Once called the capital in, we will start the refurbishmenet project and already dealing with our network of estate agents

✔ Investment Research✔ Deal Origination and Valuation✔ Financing, execution and delivery✔ Property marketing and sales.✔ Deliver superior returns to our investors✔ Cyclical reinvestment

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